Saturday, March 1, 2008

Assignment 5 - Current sales technique and suggested sales technique

The Nestle Corporation has been in the business of selling their products to consumers since 1866. Nestle's businesses are diverse; candy to pet products. Nestle's current sales channels are field selling, B2B and order processing. It is hard to improve on the success of the company's selling strategy. But if I must, I would suggest they include inbound telemarketing. The company produces products worldwide to diverse cultures with different tastes. For example the Kit Kat candy bar. The chocolate covered wafer Kit Kat is popular with Americans and is a staple in stores throughout the country. Believe it or not lemon cheese cake and strawberry flavors (yuk) are a hit in Australia. For those Aussie expats living in America it is difficult to find those flavors in our stores.

If Nestle introduced inbound telemarketing to individuals who are not able to find their favorite Nestle products from home, or would like to know if a store in their area carried it, the consumer could call the company and order their favorite Nestle products.

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L Wilder said...

I think introducing inbound marketing is a good idea. A website might also work.