Monday, March 3, 2008

Vicky's Secret

Victoria is not hiding her secret any more. Vicky went from hiding it to "literally"flaunting it. If I may use Prof. Evans' words VS has put her "business out on front street". The company is beginning to look like Frederick's of Hollywood. Because of this revenues are down. Most importantly the sexy image is fast losing favor with women. Am I the only one who has noticed that the VS campaign ads and the mannequins in the VS store windows are wearing less clothes than you see in some of the music videos? Lets face it Victoria's Secret is not catering to anyone over forty or anyone who wears more than a size 8. The only people that look good in Victoria's Secret are named Heidi, Tyra, and Gisele and they're getting paid to wear it.


L Wilder said...

I have to agree with the article. To me the ads are racy and in your face. I have not purchased anything from VS in quite a while due to the fact the attendant could never find my proper size, and by chance when they did it never fit properly. Besides i really believe the store is marketing to men. Who is watching the runway shows? Men are. You never see average size women strutting their stuff down the runway do you? VS hopes that the men who see these models wearing VS will purchase these items for their significant others.


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