Friday, March 7, 2008

Assignment 6 - Nestle Corporation's home page-url's and what it's purpose is - World Wide Web

Nestle uses the World Wide Web, Intranet and Extranet.
Nestle's intranet is used by employees with a user id or password to access payroll, health care, and employee financial services information. Employees can also view career enrichment and corporate wellness programs. Nestle's extranet allows employees, customers and suppliers to access sales and inventory data.

Nestle's world wide web site is geared to consumers and external customers who would like to know more about the organization. There are a few elements of Nestle's intranet to be found on Nestle's www such as career openings.

Overall Nestle's www focuses more on Nestle's brands, business lines, financial and shared values relating to environmental and human causes.


L Wilder said...

It's beneficial for large corporations such as Nestle to keep their employees and consumers knowledgable about the corporations benefits, brands and financials.

Natarajaprabhu said...

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