Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nestle - Nescafe Greek Frappe

It used to be that the national drinks in Greece was ouzo and Greek coffee, a bitter, thick muddy mass, both known to grow hair on your chest. That was until a foamy covered ice drink called frappe was discovered and became the countries favorite. The main ingredient in frappe is coffee. But not just any coffee, the drink must be made with Nescafe -(not really, but why buck tradition ) which is also the best selling coffee in Greece. The drink was first created by accident in 1957 by a Nescafe representative, becoming a a hit, spreading to other European countries.
Ever since Nestle has marketed and coveted the drink as its own. It is also in the best interest for Nescafe to market Nescafe as the main ingredient in frappe - $$$. Culturally frappe is European and really hasn't taken off in the states. But I am sure Nestle is working on that.

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L Wilder said...

How lucky is Nestle? The company accidently created a drink, it became a hit from word of mouth and with no initial marketing involved. And because the drink initially was made with Nescafe, people will not deviate from the original receipe and purchase another coffee. Unbelievable.