Friday, February 15, 2008

Assignment 2 - How much do I know

During the production era companies would manufacture the product first and then come up with a marketing scheme. Today the marketing plan is thought out first.

Successful companies have ingrained in their employees from the mailroom up that they should constantly be aware of their companies business. To live, eat and drink the companies business and marketing philosophies.

Companies often team up with other companies to benefit each other. i.e, Nestle teamed up with Burger King to sell their bottled water in BK's restaurants.

Companies will team up for a cause. Poland spring water promotes saving/helping the environment by changing their bottling practices as well as donating money to help the environment.

Marketing a product can be done on the www, print ads and through stores. A manufacture of food products may choose to promote their new line of products by enticing established customers with coupons or other promotions.

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