Thursday, February 28, 2008

Starbucks Coffee - Employee Training

What is Starbucks saying? Gee folks we're sorry we expanded our business so fast. We hired people so fast and did not train them properly, and oh by the way we apologize again for the slip in service by serving you luke warm and weak Grande Soy Caramel Macchiato. But we as a company are going to fix all that by standing in solidarity with our employees and close all of our 7,100 stores at once (why not break it down by region, state, by block or at the very least let go of the under performing employees) and give them a 3 hour refresher course on how to make coffee to prove to our customers that we mean business.

The strategy may work. It's good to see a business get back to its core principals and admit publicly they have made some mistakes and would like to ensure its customers they are cleaning up their act - so please continue giving us your patronage.

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L Wilder said...

First of all, I am sure a few of those employees will need more than 3 hour training classes. All I could think about in simultaneously closing all the stores was the loss of productivity, revenue and despondent customers wanting a cup of joe. If the strategy works then Starbucks won't lose customers or money.