Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Assignment 1 - What was the greatest marketing era for Nestle

The Production Era was Nestlé's greatest Marketing Era. Henrie Nestlé developed a product that was high in demand and sold itself.

When we think of Nestlé what comes to mind is chocolate. But, before the production of chocolate Nestlé's greatest invention was a replacement milk formula to save children's lives.

Nestlé a pharmacist developed a product that was greatly needed. In the 1860's he invented a food product designed to combat infant mortality due to malnutrition. Prior to Nestlé 's invention there were no other products like this on the market. He called his new formula Farine Lactee Henri Nestlé.

Nestlé found success when his formula saved the life of a premature infant who was not able to breastfeed nor could tolerate his mother's milk. Doctors and mothers took notice and soon the formula was being produced and sold throughout Europe.

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