Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wrigley will give Mars something to chew on


CHOCOLATE colossus Mars is buying gum goliath Wrigley in a $US23 billion ($A24.5 billion), sugar-fuelled deal that will create the world's largest confectioner and may reshape the landscape of the global confection industry.


Even though Mars and Wrigley are to become one big happy family, thanks to Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett's sweet tooth, which will make the company larger than Hershey, the new company can't compete with Nestle's large product line as the company also has a slice of the world's chocolate/candy market. Who knows maybe Mars and Wrigley (whatever the new company will be called) will look to expand their portfolio by producing other products like (water, baby food, etc.). The only problem is that it won't work as the two companies are known for confectionery. Leave the rest to Nestle.

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L Wilder said...

If only I had or better yet my parents had the foresight to purchase Berkshire Hathaway when it was a mere few dollars.