Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nestle - Lean Cuisine - Frozen Food Comparison -Women's Health

Frozen Assets
Heat-and-eat meals that benefit your bod and satisfy your stomach
Forget frost-burned Salisbury steaks and cold-in-the-center potpies. Things are heating up in the frozen food aisle. These six brands are heading up a new ice age, providing tasty, healthy meals you can feel good about.

Best Portion Size: Lean Cuisine Dinnertime Selects ($3.50, Lean Cuisine)Itty-bitty portions can leave you feeling ravenous after scraping the last bite from a plastic tray. "Because most frozen meals are around 9 ounces, I would recommend them as a perfect take-to-work lunch," Warshaw says. "But you might want something more substantial for dinner." These 10 hearty 12-ounce meals keep calories under 400 and portion sizes supper-suitable and some even include dessert. WH favorites: Balsamic Glazed Chicken, Roasted Turkey Breast.
Consumer Magazine Women's Health often does comparisons between different products in their magazine. In this case, WH compared frozen meals from various manufacturers. In WH's opinion, Lean Cuisine faired well in portion size.

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