Friday, April 11, 2008

Nestle uses its Fleet of Delivery trucks to advertise its products - Case Study

Nestlé with over 1000 trucks in their fleet, Nestlé Company had plenty of vehicles on the road to use as “mobile advertising”. What Nestlé needed was to have graphics designed and applied to their trucks to utilize this space.

Each brand manager was allotted a certain number of trucks to promote their brand, ranging from Hills Brothers Coffee to Stouffer’s frozen dinners. Modagrafics produced and installed full-color, product shot graphics incorporated with other images on Nestlé’s fleet.
Consumer response has been so positive that drivers of the NesQuik trucks are often asked to take family photos alongside the truck.
Nestle wanted to increase its product and name recognition by visually displaying ads on its fleet of delivery trucks. Great idea, not only do the ads reach thousands of people on the highway, the cost of the advertising was minimal.

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L Wilder said...

Every company that has a wide array of products and a fleet of delivery trucks should mimic Nestle.