Friday, April 18, 2008

Town turns down Nestle Waters offer

The town of Clinton has turned down a proposal from Nestle Waters North America Inc. that would have allowed the company to pump 240,000 gallons of water daily out of underground aquifers for bottling.


The turning down of this proposal by the city council which would have benefited the town of Clinton by $300,000 makes perfectly good sense. For crying out loud, once Nestle purchased the rights to acquire the water from the town and God forbid the town's wells are depleted and there is an emergency, like lets say the 1906 earthquake that started the great San Francisco Fire blew through the town, can the citizens use the water, would they have to get permission from Nestle to do this or have more water shipped in.

Great decision by the town.

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L Wilder said...

I guess Nestle will have to go elsewhere. For once small town america is standing up to a major corporation.