Monday, May 5, 2008

The Sweet Taste of Nestle's - Barron's

“People have to eat, regardless of what’s happening on Main Street or Wall Street.” - Barron’s says people are likely to keep on eating global food conglomerate Nestle’s (NSRGY.PK) top brand-name foods despite a softening economy. Nestle might face expensive commodities, global competition, and consolidation (Mars purchased Wrigley’s gum last week). But its consistent top-line growth, bottom-line margins and efficient use of capital have made and kept Nestle number-one. All of Nestle’s product lines are growing, as is its income. And CEO Paul Bulcke continues to improve products by making them more nutritional, a boon for an increasingly health-conscious population.


As you can see in the above Stock Chart, even with the rise in commodities worldwide, Nestle's stock consistently continues to rise. This is due to the fact that much of Nestle's business is overseas.


L Wilder said...

Even when people are looking to cut back to save money, people will still continue to purchase Nestle products (candy, icecream and babyfood).

L Wilder said...
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