Friday, May 2, 2008

Nestle - Poland Spring - Brand Insistence

Poland Spring is ranked the top selling bottled water in the country. Loyal customers of Poland Spring will buy no other. Loyal customers insist that markets stock their shelves with Poland Spring water. This is seen by the many varieties in packaging that Poland Springs offers. (sizes, stackable, environmental). Stores know that not carrying Poland Spring will lead their customers to their competitors that do.


L Wilder said...

I know how these loyal Poland Spring customers feel. Again I reiterate, no one should be buying water that they can get for free. That being said. If a store does not carry "my" diet coke, I will buy no other. I will hit the pavements of New York, usually the next block over, to see if I can find another store that carries diet coke. I am a loyal diet coke drinker and their is no comparison. So please no diet pepsi or their counterparts.

L Wilder said...

Brand insistence means that Nestle's marketing has paid off.