Thursday, May 8, 2008

1968 Nestl'e Quick Ad

1968 Nestlé Quik Chocolate Drink Mix original vintage advertisement. "Nestlé's makes the very best chocolate."


I much prefer this ad to the now familiar ads that we see today in Nestle's Nesquik advertising showing "Quicky" the Nesquik bunny. Quicky was introduced in 1973 in order to entice kids. To me the above ad is more appetising. Everything in this ad is a rich chocolate color, from the background, drink and chocolate chips. Makes me want to go out and purchase Nesquik.

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L Wilder said...

Nesquik should consider making flavors for adults. There could be cappachino, frappe or maybe an Irish whiskey type of flavor. Of course consumers would have to add the whiskey. Just a suggestion.